Smarter Operations. Safer Wellsite.

From the start, Axis Energy Services has delivered on our promise to improve the way well services are delivered through a unique data-driven approach. Axis CORE® technology is how we do that. It’s our leading-edge data acquisition and predictive analytics platform, providing unrivaled real-time visibility into rig operations and more.

Accountability & Continuous Improvement

Available with all completion, workover and P&A operations, CORE tracks critical data points to improve safety at the wellsite and enable remote monitoring by our operator customers. Over the long term, CORE drives continuous improvement that results in cost savings for Axis customers.


The CORE system starts with an extensive system of sensors that feed dozens of critical data points on rig operations and wellsite conditions into our analytics software. That data is then accessible in real-time to both the rig operator and the customer.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Industry-approved, intrinsically safe and ruggedized wireless sensors monitor systems and processes on our rigs and support equipment. The sensors provide high-resolution data sampling rates and gather real-time data, including:

  • Weight on bit
  • Block height and speed
  • Tong torque
  • BOP ram status
  • Pump pressure
  • Return pressure
  • Wellbore pressure
  • Wind speed and ambient temperature
  • Average time to drill out a plug
  • Average time to next plug
  • Average trip times by RIH, POOH and connection times with swivel
  • Time between wells
  • Frac plug vendor drill out times
  • Depth in the well
  • Rate of penetration
  • Flow back sensor
  • Swivel torque
  • Swivel RPM
  • Rig mobilization time
  • Third-party downtime
  • All company downtime

Robust Reporting & Analysis

A 900 MHz, military-grade non-interference signal allows all data to be centralized in one digital location in real time, creating a complete job record. Data analysis is conducted both in real time and in detailed post-job treatment reports.

Powering Safe, Consistent Performance

Within CORE, parameters can be set which rig operators must follow and support equipment is programmed not to exceed. Interlocking systems automatically protect against:

  • Pipe collisions with the crown/floor and closed rams
  • Weight over-pull
  • Over- and under-torque

Access Data from Anywhere

Operators can access a full suite of monitoring dashboards from any web-enabled device without having to be at the wellsite. Create your own customized KPI reports and scorecards using your digital toolbox within the CORE system.