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Axis Expands Business in the Barnett Shale

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Axis has expanded its business in the Barnett Shale! The video shows Axis Rig 57 being transported to the Barnett, where we’ve already began completions work for a valued customer in Denton, Texas. We have our complete package out working, with swivels, pumps, and laydown machine. We’re excited to be growing our service offerings for our customers, including Axis CORE®, our digital data acquisition and analytics platform.

Providing stick pipe drill outs using CORE-enabled completion rigs helps rig crews eliminate inefficient operations and improve run times, reducing overall completion operation hours. By utilizing CORE’s real-time data and targeted approach to drill outs, our crews consistently maintain safety standards and track strengths and weaknesses throughout each job in order to build consistent and efficient performance.

Reach out to see how we can drive performance on your next project using CORE data and our full rig packages. Contact Erik Coleman at or 432-999-8617, or your local Axis sales representative.

Axis Rig 57 rigged up in the Barnett Shale.
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