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Axis Introduces Double Pump Units to the Field

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In West Texas with Axis Energy Services’ newly acquired double pump unit on location, supporting a valued customer’s drill out operations. This unit has the ability to mix sweeps on its tank on the fly, pump down hole, and run chemicals on the fly consistently. It can also replace two skid pumps on location that we typically have on a drill out. The unit was acquired through the recent acquisition, and we had a smooth transition getting it field-ready to support both drill-out and clean-out operations.

Our customer was satisfied with the job our crews did. And, of course, we had a delicious lunch on location for our excellent crews and customer!

Interested to learn more about what integrated service offerings Axis can offer?

For VP of Sales: Erik Coleman — 432.999.8617 or

For Pumping Services/Arklatex: Steve Martin — 903.985.6750 or

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