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Axis Introduces Next-Generation Catwalk & Integrated Power Swivel Backup System

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Axis is proud to introduce the next generation of extended-reach catwalks for service rig completion operations. This leading-edge equipment is the latest addition to our high-spec fleet, purpose-engineered for today’s long laterals and high-intensity, pad-based completions.

The catwalks can be configured from 23’ to a maximum reach of 40’, giving our crews the flexibility to work over the highest BOP stacks while still reaching the rig floor safely and efficiently. In addition to extended reach, the catwalks feature an integrated clamping system that holds the drill pipe while it is made up to the power swivel, driving safer operations by eliminating the potential for pinched fingers.


  • Field adaptable to either side
  • Removes personnel from potentially dangerous operation
  • Controlled from operator’s remote or from valve bank
  • Integral power swivel backup assist

Please contact your Axis sales representative for more information!


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