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Axis Introduces Proprietary and Unique Rig Monitoring Technology in North Dakota to Assist in Frac Plug Drill Outs

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Axis is pleased to announce that we have equipped the first rig and support equipment with our unique CORE™ Technology for operations in North Dakota.  There are currently seven other Axis CORE™ systems operating in the Permian Basin, Ark-La-Tex region, and South Texas.  CORE™ Technology, a proprietary data acquisition and predictive analytics system, is designed to consistently deliver safer, more efficient completion and workover operations.

“We are very excited about the progress we are making in North Dakota and this will be the first of many rigs that we will equip with CORE™ Technology in North Dakota,” says Dirk Lee, president of Axis Energy Services.  “We know this technology makes our rigs more productive and safer and is a very useful tool for our customers.”

The CORE™ system includes rig and support equipment that is instrumented with multiple sensors and allows for us to collect and monitor real-time drilling data such as total weight, slip position, swivel torque, pump pressure, BOP ram position, and crown and floor saver software. We utilize the real-time data and predictive analytics capabilities to monitor our drill out progress and to identify potential problem areas so that we ensure we are achieving the most efficient and safest operation possible.  Axis customers are also able to view this real-time data remotely and have access to multiple reports so they can follow along with the drill out progress or review the results of the drill out at a later date.

Please contact us and let us show you the Axis difference!

A senior rig operator is pictured above utilizing the rig data display (yellow box) and the field monitor to ensure all the relevant information he needs is displayed for his use. Axis is a market leader in complete solutions for stick pipe drill-outs.

Pictured above is a rig monitor that is being remotely viewed by a customer.


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