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Axis Introduces Torque and Test Service Line

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Axis Energy Services introduces a first-generation, comprehensive torque and test service to meet customer needs in all pressure testing applications, including flowback, frac stacks, BOPs, pipelines, and plant maintenance.

Axis focuses on faster torque times by using the most efficient pumps and bringing in experienced crews to run the system. As an alternative to hand-held power packs, which often overheat, we have developed a diesel-powered hydraulic booster system to accelerate torqueing and improve efficiencies. Axis records both torque pressure measurements and the proper testing to ensure accuracy of API torque specifications on BOPs and other pressure control equipment.

The pressure testing pump is a 20,000 psi unit powered by a pre-emissions diesel engine. Unlike other companies, we are not working at the top end of equipment limitations when testing to pressures of up to 15,000 psi.

On this unit, we also have a diesel engine driven compressor and generator, making everything we offer with this unit enhanced with diesel-powered and explosive-proof Class 1 Div 1 electrical systems.

The second-generation equipment will be introduced in 2020 and will include Axis CORE® technology, with a 15-inch operator interface screen, in order to record torque and test psi in real-time. We can then transfer data to customers, who can view the reports to verify their BOP rentals have been tested and work well under pressure.

“Whether a customer utilizes our torque and test units as a standalone service, or packaged with Axis BOP rentals or snubbing services, it is necessary to ensure safety and accuracy of proper torque specs,” says Dirk Lee, Axis President and CEO. “We will be giving customers real-time logged records of our torques, because everything we do here at Axis is data-driven.”

Please contact us about our torque and test system and service and let us show you the Axis difference!

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
(432) 999-8617

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