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Axis Involved in Geothermal Drilling Project in South Texas

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Heat as an energy source? That’s what our customer in South Texas, Sage Geosystems, is working on figuring out. They were recently a part of a PBS NewsHour feature titled “Why geothermal energy is being viewed as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.” Sage field tested a single-well alternative to the Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) for harvesting heat from hot, dry rock, and asked Axis Energy Services to be a part of the drill down.  Using CORE Technology, Axis recorded 43 days’ worth of data, including hookload, tong torque, swivel torque, swivel speed, pump pressure, return pressure, and pump rate. We had our workover rig and pumps out on location, with our digital technology platform advancing our customer’s mission.

Congratulations to Sage Geosystems on being featured in this story on geothermal energy.

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