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Axis Launches its Rig Recycling Initiative

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In 2021, Axis Energy Services launched its Rig Recycling Initiative to eliminate and recycle unsafe, outdated oil equipment as part of our commitment to create a more environmentally friendly oilfield.

Our revolution in well services has grown to include a more concrete vision of doing the right thing now for the oilfield of tomorrow. Axis’ Rig Recycling Initiative, which began in March 2021, has recycled close to 45 rigs since its inception. Our goal is to ensure ancient rigs that should not be servicing wells are taken off the roads and out of the oilfield.

“It’s a new beginning for us,” says Dirk Lee, Axis President and CEO. “Our start as a revolution in well services got us to where we are today. Part of the process that got us here—pioneering an innovative approach to continuous improvement across the life of the well—has also driven us to ensure that all our equipment is dependable. Ultimately, that means cutting up and recycling old and outdated equipment not suitable for today’s oilfield. I’m proud of our team for getting this project underway over the past 10 months. One Team, One Goal!”

Each workover rig weighs approximately 80,000 pounds. Axis has already cut up approximately 3.6 million pounds of metal. The scrap metal from the recycling project can be put back into the economy and used on other projects, for example roads and bridges, manufacturing automobiles and aircrafts, and in the production of containers and many appliances.

For questions about Axis’ Rig Recycling Initiative, contact Erik Coleman, Vice President of Sales, at

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