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Axis Launches R&D Center to Drive Innovation in Well Services

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First Initiative Is Data Acquisition & Predictive Analytics System

LONGVIEW, TX — May 7, 2019 — Axis Energy Services, an oil and gas well service company focused on optimizing completions, today announced the launch of its new R&D and Rig Monitoring Center. In a related announcement, the company also introduced Axis CORE® Technology, a data acquisition and predictive analytics system designed to consistently deliver safer, more efficient completion and workover operations.

The mission of the R&D and Rig Monitoring Center, located in Longview, TX, is developing software and hardware to enhance the safety and performance of Axis service rigs and support equipment during frac plug drill outs and long-lateral workovers. Axis CORE (Completion Optimization and Rig Efficiency) Technology is the first initiative developed at the facility and deployed to the field.

Axis CORE Technology consists of two main parts. The first is a system of sensors that monitor componentry and processes on the rig and ancillary equipment. The second is software that synthesizes the data in real time to guide operations and inform the actions of Axis crews, in coordination with technology specialists at the R&D and Rig Monitoring Center. While Axis CORE Technology is primarily intended for internal use to drive continuous improvement, the company will make the data output available to interested customers.

“We are focused on being the safest, most advanced and efficient well service and completions company in the industry,” said Wendell Brooks, Chairman and CEO of Axis. “We know the data systems and predictive analytics we have implemented will allow us to streamline our operations while implementing additional safety processes that protect our employees and reduce downtime.”

Data is collected through industry-approved and intrinsically safe ruggedized wireless sensors installed on Axis rigs and ancillary equipment including pumps, swivels and slips. These sensors use a 900 MHz, military-grade non-interference signal that allows all data to be centralized in one digital location in real time.

Axis CORE Technology collects, aggregates and analyzes a broad range of data points including:

  • Weight on bit
  • Block height and speed
  • Tong torque
  • BOP ram position
  • Slip position
  • Wind speed

This information enables Axis to identify potential problem areas before equipment fails or overheats. Axis CORE Technology also sets operating parameters which rig operators must follow, and support equipment is programmed not to exceed.

“We are extremely excited about the immediate operational and safety benefits that Axis CORE Technology brings us,” said Dirk Lee, President of Axis. “We also know that as we collect more data, our predictive data analytics will allow us to notify customers when we begin to detect downhole motor problems, flow back issues that might lead to stuck pipe incidents, and other conditions. The sooner we and our customers are aware of a potential problem, the sooner we can mitigate the issue and minimize downtime.”

The R&D and Rig Monitoring Center is developing additional solutions to complement Axis CORE Technology and the company’s overall service offering. Axis is currently exploring technologies including machine learning, semi-automation, artificial intelligence and downhole sensors.

For more information on Axis CORE Technology, please contact Erik Coleman, Vice President of Sales, at

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