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Axis Partners with New Injury Triage Application

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People are fallible. As a result, incidents and unplanned events are a common theme in the oil and gas industry. This is why Axis Energy Services has partnered with MyWorkDoc, a third-party injury triage application.

Safety is an engrained core value throughout Axis’ organization and providing the safest work environment for its employees is first priority. Because incidents do happen, Axis wants to ensure that its employees are medically assessed by a medical provider as quickly as possible after an incident.

MyWorkDoc makes this assessment possible by connecting workers to healthcare providers through video for fitness testing and to determine next steps.

Instead of relying on safety personnel to drive what happens after an incident, now Axis employees will call MyWorkDoc immediately and a medical provider will guide the injury process. For example, the MyWorkDoc medical provider will examine the employee through the video app and provide assistance, whether it is to start with first aid or immediately be taken to a hospital.

“MyWorkDoc is helping us take care of our people a lot faster after an incident,” says Axis CEO Dirk Lee. “This app makes it where we can respond to an incident quicker and can manage cases easier. Our people are our top priority and the type of responsiveness that this app delivers is what we need.”

Axis teams across multiple districts, including East Texas, West Texas, South Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, have already had trainings on MyWorkDoc.

“We’re 100% working with MyWorkDoc at this point,” says James Griffin, Vice President of EHS and Operational Excellence. “It’s going to become an intricate part of what we do. We have big plans for MyWorkDoc.”

The ability for employees to be seen immediately after an incident occurs was a vital reason Axis started working with MyWorkDoc. The providers are skilled in occupational health and understand the type of work our crews perform and how to talk them through an incident. Data from each incident is collected and can be seen in real time by the appropriate Axis personnel with the appropriate permissions.

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