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Axis Performs Toe Prep for New Customer in Louisiana

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When a well needs to get ready for fracturing operations, frac operators will call on companies like Axis to come in and perform a toe prep. Axis Pumping Services recently went out to Louisiana with our pump down trucks to prep a well in order for frac crews to go in and start fracking.

Our experienced pressure pumping crews have earned their reputation of being available 24/7/365, so give us a call anytime! With extensive experience from diverse sectors of the oil and gas industry, our veteran crews can provide a solution for any well completion need. We provide high-pressure pumping services for wireline and tool pump downs, stick pipe drill outs and coiled tubing applications, as well as cementing, high-rate acidizing, chemical mixing and liquid additive systems, and more.

We work in every major oil and gas basin in the U.S., so contact us if you are in need of pumping services at your next well.

Steve Martin
Senior Sales Representative
(903) 985-6750

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