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Axis Provides Pre-Load Fluid Pumping Services for Customer in Louisiana

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Axis Pumping Services is currently out on a 24-hour operation in North Louisiana pre-loading fluid into a customer’s well before a frac job. On the first pad, our pressure pumping crews pumped 40,000 barrels of fluid into the well on the first pad at 7bpm, rigged down last night, and are heading to the second pad to pump 20,000 barrels, again at 7bpm.

Axis offers a range of pumping services, delivered by experienced crews operating highly reliable, purpose-built equipment. Our pressure pumping team provides high-pressure pumping services for wireline and tool pump downs, stick pipe drill outs and coiled tubing applications.

Contact us for your pumping needs and let us show you the Axis difference!

Steve Martin
Senior Sales Representative

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