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Axis Pumping Division Provides Acid Stimulation for Saltwater Disposal Well Clean Up

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For producers drilling new or who have existing Saltwater Disposal Wells—wells that have had years of saltwater disposed of into a formation—Axis Energy Services’ Pumping Division provides high-rate acid stimulation services for those wells that require a “clean up” to bring back the life of the well.

Our experienced pressure pumping crews have pumped acid stimulations from 1000 to 40,000 gallons, depending on the length of the injection interval and type of formation. Same as with a new well, after a well is drilled for disposal, a producer will want to maximize the benefits of the injection interval. Pumping different forms of acid—hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, acetic blends, and so forth—can help give maximum penetration, and in return give the producer maximum barrels of field saltwater put into an injection interval per day. We use diverting agents such as rock salt, rubber balls, and biodegradable balls.

After the acid stimulations have been completed, we provide high horsepower pumping equipment to determine the maximum barrels per day the formations will take. We have done step rate tests from 4bpm to 30bpm, along with providing data, including rate and pressure.

Our pumping division works with producers on job design for acid stimulation on a well-by-well basis. Our acid stimulation services can be packaged with our other well services and tool division to maximize stimulation efficiency and minimize casing integrity exposure by isolating the injection zone.

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Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
(432) 999-8617

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