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Axis Pumping Division Starts Toe Prep and Pump Downs in the Ark-La-Tex

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We’re glad to have the great crews and customers we have in East Texas/North Louisiana in the Ark-La-Tex region. Our Pumping Services division is starting a toe prep and pump downs for a customer on a 3-well pad with 58 stages on each well for a job in East Texas.

In addition to our high-pressure pumping services, we also offer customers a range of other services, delivered by experienced crews operating highly reliable, purpose-built equipment, including: high-rate acid stimulation, bio-ball stimulation, rock salt diversion, well cleanouts, data-driven chemical mixing and injection, and remedial cementing operations.

We work in every major oil and gas basin in the U.S., so contact us about getting our high-pressure pumping units out on your next location.

Steve Martin
Senior Sales Representative
(903) 985-6750


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