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Axis Reduces Average Completion Times for Customer in the Permian Basin Using CORE Technology

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Using Axis CORE® technology, we have significantly reduced overall completion operation hours for a valued customer in the Permian Basin, lowering job times from 200 hours of operation down to approximately 90 hours for our most recent drill outs that had more plugs in each well. Our CORE data and analytics platform has shown proven success for our completions and production customers in every major play by keeping track of strengths and weaknesses throughout each job in order to build consistent and efficient performance. Using CORE data, our Axis team was able to highlight specific, meaningful improvements to mill and wash times that led to three times the number of plugs milled per hour for this customer. Data collected from CORE helps us evaluate our crews and equipment while also helping our customers analyze their operation programs.

CORE continues to help us show our customers the Axis difference by saving time and cost on challenging drill outs. Reach out to see how we can drive performance on your next project using CORE data and our full rig packages.

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales

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