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Axis Rig 54 Awarded Rig of the Month for April

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Axis recognizes Rig 54 for enhanced operations and consistent performance for the month of April and has awarded these 24-hour completion crews Rig of the Month. Rig 54 is dedicated to safety and service and has upheld an outstanding safety record for a valued customer in the Northeast. These crews have made significant improvements to their well-to-well transition times and are consistently increasing their plugs drilled per hour KPIs. Additionally, these crews have displayed mastery of the Axis CORE® system, including quality upkeep of CORE sensors and maintaining excellent detail on their job logs, ensuring accurate data collection for each well.

Consistency is one of the main drivers in choosing ROTM and these crews have shown that once they make improvements, they remain consistent with the new metrics they have set. These improvements provide incredible cost savings to the customer.

Congratulations to the Rig 54 crews and management on this success! You collectively represent our motto of “One Team, One Goal”!

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