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Axis Runs Downhole Drilling Motors During Drill Out in Oklahoma

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Axis consistently runs downhole drilling motors for customers across all regions. Our fishing professionals provide around-the-clock expertise backed by decades of experience to handle a wide range of downhole challenges. Recently, our fishing crews assisted on a successful stick pipe drill out for a valued customer in Oklahoma utilizing our high-torque mud motor inside our BHA with a Klear Bit Technology PDC bit. Axis has the capability to furnish all BHAs with motors to fit the needs of our customers.

Need expert fishing services and/or rental tools on location? We can package our services for any Axis rig package or as a separate package on any project. From a sub for one downhole tool to a full package spread—we’re your one-stop shop to provide the tools and equipment to get you back to work. Contact Ray Daugherty, Vice President of Axis Fishing & Rental Services, at, or your local Axis sales representative.

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