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Axis Shows Continued Growth in the Northeast, Full Package Goes Out for New Customer

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Axis continues to grow its operations in the Northeast and has a full completions package ready to go out for a new customer in Ohio. This week, our rig and ancillary equipment went through staging and its final inspection before going out on its first job for our new customer.

Our experienced 24-hour completion crew is ready to ensure safe and efficient operations with our fleet of high-spec equipment, including tall mast rigs, purposed-engineered for long laterals, high-horsepower pumps (1500hp), complete well site support equipment, and Axis CORE® digital rig performance platform to capture real-time data and improve drilling operations.

Contact Erik Coleman, VP of Sales, at or 432-999-8617 to learn about how Axis can provide you with comprehensive completion and workover services to fit the needs of your next project.

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