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Axis Updates White Paper Highlighting the Advantages of Stick Pipe Drill Out Technologies

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As the US oil and gas markets begin to reopen, we thought it would be useful to revisit our original white paper on the advantages of stick pipe versus coil tubing with updated information that would be helpful to our customers. Take a look at the updated white paper to learn more about how advanced stick pipe combined with data analytics streamlines drill outs.

Download the white paper now.

This white paper explores several topics around our innovative approach to optimizing completions:

  • Why stick pipe consistently outperforms coiled tubing in longer laterals
  • How Axis maximizes the efficiency of stick pipe drill outs to drive down cycle times
  • Advantages of our proprietary data acquisition and predictive analytics system (Axis CORE® Technology)

This publication originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of World Oil magazine. This digital version is updated to include information on data analytics and the company’s digital rig monitoring platform. Updated July 2020.

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