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CORE “Did You Know” Series: CORE’s Digital Platform Is Included in Your Well Service or Drill Out Package

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This screenshot shows the mobile dashboard view of CORE’s digital platform. You can view this from any web-enabled device to check the status of an operation or enter job data.

Did you know that Axis CORE® technology, our digital monitoring platform, is included at no additional cost when you choose Axis for your completion and workover services? With an Axis rig package, you get the CORE system, which provides a real-time, dynamic view of all of your field operations and a rich set of data to make critical decisions that help reduce cost and eliminate downtime.

CORE’s innovative technology monitors all moving equipment on the rigs and support equipment and automatically sends a notice to field management if any desired parameters fall outside of the target. For example, if average plug milling time falls outside the target for a well, a notice is sent out to explore the underlying causes. Likewise, block weight is monitored to inform management in real time of maximum pull getting close in order to ensure no over-pull beyond the programmed limits.

We have learned that customers are interested in getting alerts from the system on areas of the rig such as heavy pull or changes in the operation, and that receiving alerts from CORE as a way to stay ahead of potential or real challenges on location is more effective than constantly checking the wellsite.

As Axis collects more data, the predictive data analytics will allow us to notify customers when we begin to detect equipment issues, downhole motor problems, flow back issues that might lead to incidents, or other unwanted conditions. Axis uses CORE data to save customers time and money at the well.

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Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
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