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CORE “Did You Know” Series: Data-Based Technology Creating Efficiency and Real Savings for Customers

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Did you know Axis CORE® technology provides customers with real savings through data-based decision making? In this extremely challenging time, it is more important than ever to have technology that makes our work more efficient and effective. Axis believes further cost reductions can be achieved by using the data collected through our wireless sensors on the rig and support equipment to make critical decisions that help eliminate downtime and reduce unnecessary waste. These data-based decisions can include when to perform pump sweeps of a well, when to dispense chemicals during a drill out, or whether the use of a rig swivel for plug milling is a better cost-savings approach than using a downhole motor. Traditionally, these types of decisions at the well site have been made based on rule-of-thumb or prior experience rather than real data. Axis continues to provide solutions based on data so operators can save time and money at the well.

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Vice President of Sales
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