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CORE “Did You Know” Series: Wireless Sensor Technology

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If you’re stuck at home due to recent events and still need to check on your operation, Axis CORE® technology can help with that!

Did you know that with CORE, you can monitor your well site in real time, second by second, from any location? Axis uses wireless sensors embedded on critical parts of the rig and support equipment to monitor and collect data and provide high-resolution data sampling rates which are displayed in real time to the rig operator and customers on phones, pads, or computers.

Customers have said they love the “real time” ability to see the data without any manipulation.

Some of the critical data collected and sent to customers via automatic KPI reports and post-job analysis includes block height, BOP ram status, average time to next plug, frac plug vendor, depth in the well, weight on bit, rate of penetration, pump pressure, flow back sensor, swivel torque, swivel RPM, tong torque, rig mobilization time, third-party downtime, all company downtime, and local weather data including wind speed and ambient temperature.

Learn how Axis saves you time and money with real data that provides real value:

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