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CORE Technology Helps Customers Evaluate Changes to Work Strings and BHA

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Did you know that Axis CORE® data acquisition and analytics can be used to evaluate changes to your work string or BHA? We were approached by one of our valued customers to assist them in determining if the efficiencies gained from a work string change were worth the additional cost associated with the equipment. Using historical data from CORE, we were able to show specific efficiency improvements for varying lateral lengths caused directly by the change to the work string. After normalizing the data, our customer was able to perform cost analysis and determined the additional cost of the equipment was worth the gain in efficiency on their three-mile laterals, lowering their overall completion costs. Additionally, making the work string change allowed us to handle increased torque throughout subsequent completions and increased the overall performance for those specific wells.

To evaluate equipment changes in your operation, you need reliable data. We provide our customers with the tools they need to help them make more informed decisions that drive operational improvements, safety and cost savings. Our technology engineering team works with them to provide customized, detailed analytics reports.

Let us help you evaluate and track your completions with our game-changing technology. Contact or 432.999.8617 to set up a short presentation over our capabilities with CORE.

Data similar to what is sent to customer after the change in the drill string.


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