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Data-Driven Mixing Plant Increases Efficiency During 24-Hour Clean Out Operation

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One of Axis’ purpose-built mixing plants is out on a 24-hour operation in South Texas with Axis Rig 57 performing heavy clean outs. With Axis CORE® on our mixing plants, cost savings and increased efficiencies are realized by accurately controlling the injection rate of chemicals pumped downhole and using data acquisition to blend chemicals more precisely to reduce waste. These data-driven chemical mixing and injection systems are designed for use with either stick pipe or coil tubing applications.

Rig 57 is also out with the full Axis support package—high horsepower pumps, swivels, laydown machine and BOP stack. Additionally, this rig has our crown lighting system installed to light up the entire rig site at night, lowering both customer cost and diesel consumption. With ancillary equipment and data-driven technology on location, Axis is driving continuous operational improvements and safety.

The third mixing plant is rolling out next week! Give us a call to get an Axis chemical mixing plant on your next location and to learn about our one-stop-shop service offerings that reduce the number of vendors onsite. Contact Erik Coleman at, 432.999.8617 or your local Axis sales representative.

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