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Did You Know? CORE Tracks Plug Performance

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Did you know that the Axis CORE® digital performance platform gives us the ability to track and log plug performance across all plays and customers? One of the most basic functions of CORE involves establishing a baseline performance for each plug type to compare against when looking into average mill and wash times for a specific plug. Axis has drilled thousands of plugs and, with the captured CORE data, we are able to compare expected plug depth versus actual plug depth determined during a drill out.

On CORE’s real-time dashboard that can be accessed from any device, customers can click on any individual plug and view data such as depth, mill time, and time to next plug. Plug performance and plug-to-plug comparisons are evaluated, allowing customers to more thoughtfully select plugs based on actual performance data or make changes where necessary. Tracking plug KPIs is just one more way CORE is helping drive efficiencies for our customers and proving the Axis difference.

Ask us about how we’re using digital data to drive efficiency and deliver seamless solutions that simplify your operations. Need a virtual demonstration? Contact Erik Coleman at or your local Axis sales representative.

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