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Digital Technology Helps Customers Compare Plug Types to Improve Operations

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Both new and long-time customers ask about the Axis CORE® digital platform and how we can manipulate and expand the data points we capture that are important to their operations. CORE’s digital system works in real time, is mobile, and provides all of the critical data from the rig and support equipment to allow our crews and customers complete transparency during operations. Real-time data also allows us to make changes faster and introduce improvements on a continuous basis.

Fig 1. Axis CORE dashboard data screen, modified to display the data collected for two plug types.

Our customers partner with us and we jointly work together to drive innovations that benefit the customer’s operating results. For example, some of our customers use a mix of dissolvable and traditional plugs in their wells, and one of our customers asked us to track the mill out time and downhole conditions for both plug types. We were quickly able to modify one of our data screens and collect and display the data for two plugs as shown in Fig. 1.

On CORE’s dashboard, which can be accessed by any computer or mobile device, the customer is able to click on any individual plug and view data such as depth, mill time, time to next plug, average weight on bit, average pump pressure, average swivel RPM, average swivel torque, and average rate of penetration. Plug-to-plug comparisons are evaluated, as well as performance for different brands of plugs; thus, allowing a more thoughtful selection of plugs based on actual performance data.

This multi-brand plug comparison is just one small example of the innovations that Axis provides through our CORE digital platform. Please contact Erik Coleman and let us help with your next stick pipe drill out, fishing job, or workover and show you the Axis difference!

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
(432) 999-8617

Axis was recently named a finalist for the 2020 World Oil Awards by World Oil and Gulf Energy Information in the “Best Data Management & Application Solution Award” category for our digital data platform, Axis CORE.

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