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Equinor Recognizes Axis North Dakota Completions Team Supervisor for Outstanding Leadership

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Pictured from left to right above are Charles Gray, Equinor Well Site Consultant, Raymond Taylor, Axis Senior Completions Team Supervisor, and Dean Duckarie, Equinor Well Site Consultant.

We are very pleased to announce that Raymond Taylor, a senior North Dakota Completions Team Supervisor, has been recognized by Equinor for outstanding leadership, supervision, mentorship, and safety. Raymond has been with Axis Energy Services for six years and was one of the first supervisors to be chosen to supervise our combined service package in North Dakota, which includes completion rigs, snubbing, and high horsepower pumps. Raymond has worked on Equinor projects for the past five years.

Congratulations to Raymond and thanks to Equinor for this important recognition!

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