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How to Build the Best Pumping System for Frac Plug Drill Outs

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Utilizing the many years of knowhow and experience in our pumping operations and focusing on reducing downtime and providing reliable service, Axis set about to design a pump that would withstand this continuous-duty requirement and operate well within a margin of safety so the pump would not be overtaxed.


The main requirement for pumps in frac plug drill outs is that they possess enough horsepower to be able to achieve a continuous and turbulent flow of fluid to remove sand and debris from the wellbore. The pump must also be able to operate over a broad range of pumping requirements with rates from 1.5bpm to 8bpm and with pump pressures up to 10,000 psi. Axis operates pumps ranging from 400hp to 2500hp, so with our experience base from which to evaluate, we chose the MTU 1500hp as the best compromise between needed power, fuel consumption, and reliability.


Axis’ 1500hp pump is equipped with a Twin Disc 7601 rated for 2600hp to provide infinitely variable rates without a lock-up requirement. Transmissions that require “lock up” to achieve certain pumping rates limit the range of pump rates that can be achieved. Moreover, the 7601 does not use a torque converter, and instead is controlled by a TCM and programmed with our controls specifically for our application, allowing us to powershift without rate and psi spikes, and making for a much more practical and reliable design for drill outs.


We chose to run a 2500hp Gardner Denver Quintuplex with a stainless-steel fluid end and 4-inch plungers, giving us the capability to work up to 15,000. Since the pump is oversized for our application, we are able to effectively run on continuous-duty cycles without fatigue failure.


Finally, we looked at the 1500hp system “holistically” and added several enhanced features. For example, the system includes a dual mixing tank system allowing us to mix chemicals or diverter materials on the same platform as the pump itself. The 1500hp system is equipped with complete and automated control systems so every piece of data generated during a pumping operation is recorded and available to our customers in real time on location and through the Axis CORE® data acquisition system.

We have completed hundreds of drill out jobs from extremely hot areas to extremely cold areas using our fleet of 1500hp pumps with ZERO major downtime. Our goal of building the industry-leading pumping system has been achieved through careful consideration of all component pieces.

Contact us about this innovative pumping system and our 24-hour completion services and let us show you the Axis difference!

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