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New Data-Driven Chemical Mixing Service Increases Efficiency at Customer Well Sites

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A data acquisition center, positioned in the middle of the chemical mixing unit, delivers precise control and metering of chemicals during the injection process.

Axis Energy Services continues to expand its services to meet the needs of customers and has designed and built a fit-for-purpose chemical mixing and injection system for use with either stick pipe or coil tubing applications that can reduce the cost of chemicals and increase efficiencies during drill outs.

The cost savings are realized through the precision control and metering of chemicals during the injection process. Many chemical mixing companies have limited or no metering or monitoring capabilities when mixing and injecting chemicals, making it unlikely that the correct amount of chemicals will be injected and frequently the result is excess chemical usage and unnecessary cost for customers.

The Axis system utilizes a clean side turbine meter as the primary flow source for automated injection and six micro motion mass meters to confirm and record chemical delivery from the chemical add pumps. All of this sensor and control technology is used to activate the hydraulically driven chemical add pumps from a control center on the mixing unit where all parameters dictated by the customer are programmed and maintained. In the event of electronic failure, the system can be operated manually in order to minimize downtime. Real-time data during the job and post-job reports are available online.

Experienced Axis crews use the data reports during each job to determine when to speed up pumps, when to drill faster or slower, and when to add chemicals to the wellbore, producing a more successful and efficient drill out experience by providing a complete, one-stop-shop package with less vendors at the well site. By accurately controlling the injection rate of chemicals pumped downhole and using data acquisition to blend the chemicals more precisely to reduce waste, the end result is a faster drill out, which drives down costs and cycle times for customers.

The on-board water filtration system includes four filter pods which are hard plumbed to centrifugal pumps to streamline the rig up and filter maintenance during drilling operations. Axis utilizes hydraulically driven mixing paddles for agitation rather than recirculating with the discharge centrifugal which allows mixing rates up to 17bpm at 80psi and does not reduce the suction supply pressure to the drill pumps.

“We are very pleased with the chemical mixing system we have developed. We have designed in redundant capabilities to ensure no interruption in service,” says Dirk Lee, President and CEO of Axis. “We designed this system based on our years of experience in working with chemical mixing systems while doing drill outs and other applications to ensure highly reliable service at the lowest possible chemical cost to the customer. When our crews are involved in each step of the process, we know the details of each step and can ensure safe practices and expert service for our customers. We will always provide experienced and safe crews to support all chemical mixing and pumping applications.”

Please contact us about this state-of-the-art chemical mixing system and service and let us show you the Axis difference!

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
(432) 999-8617

In this two-process chemical mixing system, the on-board water filtration system uses four filter pods (two shown here) to streamline the rig up and filter maintenance during drilling operations.
After fluids are cleaned through the filter unit, the chemicals are mixed before being pumped downhole. The hosing and dispensing equipment is hooked up to the back of this chemical add trailer.
Once the chemical injection rate is programmed, the data control center above shows customers real-time monitoring and control of results.
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