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Axis Appoints Vice President of Fishing and Rental Services

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Axis is excited to announce that Ray Daugherty has been appointed to the role of Vice President of Fishing and Rental Services. Mr. Daugherty is responsible for managing the quality of service, customer satisfaction and profitability of the entire Fishing and Rental Services division across all basins.

Mr. Daugherty is an accomplished oilfield service veteran, with more than 44 years of industry experience, including more than 30 years in leadership roles in fishing, milling and rental tool services. With operational experience in drilling, workovers, completions, casing exits, snubbing, thru-tubing, and remedial and wireline operations, he brings an extensive amount of experience to the role.

After starting his career as a shop hand, Mr. Daugherty worked his way up to corporate Vice President through operations, field service, engineering and sales. As an entrepreneur, he started and sold three successful fishing tool companies in the United States and Canada. He says every job and every day in this business is different, and he always strives to learn something new from both.

Mr. Daugherty is based at our company headquarters at 199 Corporate Road in Longview, Texas, but will travel often to meet with operations and customers. He is proud to be an avid hunter who cherishes his six (soon-to-be seven) grandchildren.

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