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Axis CEO Dirk Lee Interviewed by Premier Oilfield Industry Podcast

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Dirk Lee, President and CEO of Axis Energy Services, recently sat down with Oilfield 360 Media, a premier podcast for the oil and gas industry, for an interview on his experience and the changing oilfield. In the interview, Dirk discusses how he came up in the industry to where he is today, speaks on Axis’ exciting digital technology and how Axis is revolutionizing well services, and also provides advice to those coming up in the oil and gas business. Dirk also reveals big news at Axis that you won’t want to miss!

You can listen to Dirk’s podcast with Oilfield 360 directly from one of your favorite podcast platforms at the following link:

Dirk Lee sat down with Oilfield 360 Podcast hosts David de Roode (top right) and Josh Lowrey (bottom right) in an interview about his experience and what is happening at Axis.
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