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Axis Completes Longest Lateral in North America

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Axis Energy Services recently celebrated an outstanding accomplishment achieved through a partnership with a valued customer, Ascent Resources. Axis Rig 55 recently completed the longest lateral in North America at a measured depth of 34,036 ft. and a lateral length of 23,700 ft., while Axis Rig 54 completed a well with equally challenging conditions. A total of 136 plugs and 133 plugs respectively were successfully drilled out in a single run with no down time by either crew.

By using our CORE data acquisition and real-time analytics platform, the customer was able to track and record both rigs’ performance metrics while mitigating risk with hookload, swivel torque, swivel speed, pump pressure, return pressure, pump rate and other data in real time. We had the complete Axis package on location, with our 170K rig-assist snubbing unit and all ancillary equipment on location, including our 1500HP pumps, XK swivels, high-pressure BOP stacks and extended-reach tripper. We provided our customer with expert service and a comprehensive set of completion services to drive down cost and cycle times.

Our customer provided excellent feedback:

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Axis team, who just completed a recent job for us—the longest lateral drill out in North America. They had excellent communication and the crew operated safely throughout the entire job. We were impressed by their equipment and technology, and the use of their CORE system, where we were able to monitor the job in real time. Thanks to the whole team for all their hard work.”

We deeply value our partnership and look forward to continuing to surpass limitations using data-driven solutions.

Ask us about our true full package as a comprehensive solution and how we customize KPIs and real-time CORE data to fit the needs of your next job. Contact Erik Coleman, VP of Sales, at or 432-999-8617 or your local Axis sales representative.

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