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Axis High-Spec, High-Pressure BOP Rentals Business Expands, New Location and Shop Facility Supports Growth

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Continued growth of our BOP rentals business in East Texas, South Texas, West Texas, North Dakota, and Ohio has led to construction of a new shop and office facility in Longview, Texas to support this growth.

The new facility in Longview is approximately double the size of the original facility and will offer enhanced testing capabilities, more space for spares, and significantly more yard space to store and stage equipment.

“We are so grateful to our customers who have embraced our BOP systems and closing units in their completion and workover programs,” said Garry Pruitt, Axis Pressure Control Rentals President. “This new facility will enhance our ability to provide rapid service to our clients in all locations.”

Axis Pressure Control Rentals offers operators high-spec equipment including a wide variety of medium- and high-pressure BOP systems that can be configured for any well application. In addition, Axis has developed an innovative closing unit that uses a hydraulic system rather than traditional triplex pumps. These units operate approximately twice as fast as conventional triplex-based closing units, providing additional speed which is critical in a well control emergency.

“We know that our equipment must always work the first time, every time. That philosophy drives the sense of urgency we have to serve our customers and ensure that no detail is overlooked,” Pruitt said. “We are in the business of building strong, long-term working relationships with our customers. We are still one of the service companies that believe in a sense of urgency and when we get a call that a customer needs to move on something quickly—we’ll be there.”

Last year, Axis introduced its comprehensive torque and test service to meet customer needs in all pressure-testing applications, including flowback, frac stacks, BOPs, pipelines, and plant maintenance. We focus on precise recordings and faster torque times by using the most efficient pumps and our diesel-powered hydraulic booster system.

Axis Pressure Control Rentals has crews with years of experience dealing with everything from everyday well control to high-profile jobs. We can assemble a package of all necessary pressure control equipment to accompany any of our other comprehensive service lines—all on one invoice as part of our standard drill out services—and accommodate our customers’ needs at the well.

To learn more about Axis Pressure Control Rentals—and find out how our BOP services and products are different from those of other rental companies—contact your local Axis salesperson, or contact Garry Pruitt at 903-521-3580 or











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