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Axis Utilizes Nitrogen in Well Cleanout

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While performing a well cleanout for a customer in the Northeast, Axis utilized its nitrogen service units to gain circulation in a well that was presenting challenges returning fluid to the surface. Along with our nitrogen pumps, Axis had high-spec rig 55, snubbing unit S-40, and several pieces of support equipment on location, including a BOP stack, two 1500HP pumps, and a 40’ laydown machine.

When doing well cleanouts, oilfield service providers are often faced with circulation challenges where we are unable to get a reliable return of fluid to the surface.  Often, pumping a diverter material into the well will result in stable circulation, but at other times, as in the case of this well, diverter material simply doesn’t work.  In those cases, Nitrogen is pumped downhole to “energize” the fluid resulting in fluid circulation being established and maintained.  Axis deployed its nitrogen service units and within about one hour we had reestablished circulation so the well cleanout could continue.

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Vice President of Sales
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