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Axis Introduces High-Spec/High-Pressure BOP Rentals in the Permian

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Axis Energy Services is excited to announce the expansion of our pressure control rental division into the Permian Basin. Axis Pressure Control Rentals offers Permian operators high-spec equipment including a wide variety of medium- and high-pressure BOP systems that can be configured for any well application. In addition, Axis has developed an innovative closing unit that uses a hydraulic system rather than traditional triplex pumps. These units operate approximately twice as fast as conventional triplex-based closing units, providing additional speed which is critical in a well control emergency.

As a leading provider of frac plug drill outs, Axis knows these operations often demand reliable, high-quality BOPs and related support equipment. We offer our customers the convenience of providing the rig, high-horsepower pumps, support equipment and all necessary pressure control equipment—all on one invoice—as part of our standard drill out service. Axis Pressure Control Rentals grew out of this integrated approach to completions, and today maintains the pressure control equipment for our operations in the Permian and Ark-La-Tex.

“We recognized from the beginning that a high-pressure BOP business must be a separate organization from our normal rig operations to ensure that all of the equipment is properly tested and maintained independently,” said Jody Kindred, President of Axis Pressure Control Services. “We established Axis Pressure Control Rentals exactly for this reason. We also hired a leading BOP expert, Garry Pruitt, to lead this business as we expected significant growth opportunities. We started in East Texas and are now growing fast in West Texas.”

Axis previously offered BOP rentals in the Permian exclusively to support the company’s own drill out rigs and snubbing units.

“Our customers quickly saw how valuable our BOP service was and started requesting our BOP rentals even on rigs that we are not operating,” said Dirk Lee, President of Axis Energy Services. “We are very pleased with the progress and growth we are achieving with our BOP rental services, and it’s a testament to the leadership of Axis Pressure Control Rentals that this business continues to expand beyond being utilized by our own rigs.”

Garry Pruitt, President of Axis Pressure Control Rentals, said his division maintains a “service first” attitude.

“We know that our equipment must always work the first time, every time. That philosophy drives the sense of urgency we have to serve our customers and ensure that no detail is overlooked,” Pruitt said. “We have been very pleased with the acceptance of our products and services in the marketplace.”

To learn more about Axis Pressure Control Rentals—and find out how our BOP services and products are different from those of other rental companies—contact your local Axis salesperson, or contact Garry Pruitt at 903-521-3580 or


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