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Axis Introduces Unique, Digital-Based Plug and Abandonment Services to Address Growing Inventory of Abandoned Wells

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Axis’ all-in-one P&A solutions package of equipment.

Axis Energy Services is reinventing plug and abandonment, from the field to the cloud.  It starts with turnkey P&A solutions designed for ease and efficiency.  We bring a complete package of leading-edge equipment, purpose-built for today’s P&A operations.  Our experienced crews focus on safety and environmental protection—downhole and at the surface.

Dirk Lee, President and CEO of Axis, is excited to announce the launch of this new service line. “We wanted to provide a new P&A services offering to our customers that would meet today’s oil field needs for regulatory compliance, environmental management, safe and efficient operations, and to address the growing inventory of abandoned wells.  Carbon Tracker estimates there are more than 100,000 unplugged wells in Texas alone,” Lee says.

Every job is CORE® Certified, delivering the industry’s highest level of transparency through our exclusive digital performance platform. The system enabled on our P&A equipment is similar to the existing Axis CORE setup, with legacy wireless sensors that provide high-resolution data sampling rates and gather real-time data, including crown saver, windspeed and ambient temperature, block height and speed, slips, standpipe pressure, return pressure, cementing data, and tong torque.

We have also introduced new features to the P&A CORE platform through an updated design of our data acquisition system. Through our new “Rover Technology,” all P&A ancillary equipment can speak to the CORE system via both wired and wireless transmissions. This method has provided our team with a wider range of third-party sensors to choose from to incorporate into the P&A system.

“The equipment, experienced crews, and technology that we have assembled are truly a major step forward in how we complete, control and document plug and abandonment jobs,” adds Bill Pittman, Vice President of the P&A Division. “We are excited to introduce this new technology package to support customers who are being increasingly challenged to document and maintain their environmental profile.”

The Axis Advantage

From our multi-purpose equipment to our use of proprietary digital technology, Axis provides next-generation environmental protection and accountability for its customers.

  • Our all-in-one P&A solutions include preparation of all regulatory documents and operational oversight by a full-time supervisor.
  • Unmatched visibility and virtual field inspection oversight through our CORE digital platform which can be accessed anywhere on a computer or mobile device.
  • Our single-source solution minimizes the number of vendors required to complete the job and ensures multi-purpose equipment, with critical spares close by, saving time and reducing carbon emissions at the well site.
  • Advanced automation reduces manual tasks and helps us closely monitor conditions at the well head to anticipate potential issues.

Axis now provides P&A services in the Eagle Ford, Ark-La-Tex, Bakken, Marcellus, Permian and SCOOP/STACK regions, with the P&A Division facilities based out of Carrizo Springs in South Texas.

Please contact Erik Coleman, Vice President of Sales at, or your local Axis sales representative to learn more about this new approach to plug and abandonment. Let us show you the Axis difference!

Cement mixture is locally and custom-blended at the well site to meet whatever downhole conditions we face.
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