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Axis Pressure Control Services Solve Customer Needs in Haynesville Shale

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Axis Energy Services Rig 51, S-45, BOP rental 11″ – 10M stack is rigged up in north Red River Parish completing a Re-Entry/Plug & Abandon

Axis was contacted by a customer in northwest Louisiana in the Haynesville shale region to evaluate a leaking cement plug on a well that the customer wanted to plug and abandon.  The customer was concerned that a cryogenic freeze of the wellhead may be required before the well could be entered. Our Axis Pressure Control Services team provided expert assessment on the well pressures and plug and determined a solid solution for our customer that did not require freezing the wellhead.

After determining the wellhead was not an issue, we were able to drill out the cement plug at surface with our state-of-the-art workover rig and snubbing unit, along with our BOP 11” – 10M stack, utilizing a 9 ¾ rock bit to drill out the cement plug.  Upon completion of the drill-out and re-entry, our Axis cement services will be utilized to complete the plug and abandon.

Our on-demand well and pressure control services and solutions are the difference between our customer’s unexpected downtime and turnaround completions recovery.  Let us show you the complete suite of services that we can offer and the Axis difference!

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