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Axis Provides Acidizing Services on Saltwater Disposal Well in East Texas

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For producers drilling new or who have existing Saltwater Disposal Wells, Axis Pumping Services provides high-rate acid stimulation. Last week, our pumping crew in East Texas was out at a customer’s SWD well pumping 15% HCL acid to help lower the pressure and increase the intake of fluid in the well.

All Axis acid pumps are designed and built in-house and include on-board data acquisition, on-board mixing systems, and remote operations with Rolligon remote systems. Our pumping division works with producers on job design for acid stimulation on a well-by-well basis. Our acid stimulation services can be packaged with our other well services and tool division to maximize stimulation efficiency and minimize casing integrity exposure by isolating the injection zone.

Contact Steve Martin at 903.985.6750 or, or your local Axis sales representative, about getting our acid pumping units out on your next location.

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