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Axis Shows Appreciation for Customer and Crews in East Texas

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It’s always a great day when you are grilling steaks and getting the job done for a valued customer! Last week, we went out to cook for our Axis rig and cement crews in East Texas. Steve Martin, Senior Sales Representative, was out with our customer and crews showing our appreciation with some good food! Our crews were performing a re-entry P&A. Axis provided the rig and cementing services for this project.

Axis delivers high-pressure pumping services for wireline and tool pump downs, stick pipe drill outs and coiled tubing applications. Our pressure pumping crews also provide a broad range of acidizing and remedial cementing services.

We work in every major oil and gas basin in the U.S., so contact us about any of our pumping services and let us show you the Axis difference!

Steve Martin
Axis Senior Sales Rep

Axis performing a re-entry P&A for a customer in East Texas.
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