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Axis Uses Chemical Mixing Plant During Drill Out in West Texas

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During a 24-hour drill out operation for a customer in West Texas, we had our chemical mixing plant on location, which now has Axis CORE® technology data reporting enabled. Using our digital platform on our mixing plants, Axis provides efficient operations for both stick pipe or coil tubing applications. Cost savings and increased efficiencies are realized through the precision control and metering of chemicals during the injection process.

Experienced Axis Pumping Services crews use the data reports during each job to determine when to speed up pumps, when to drill faster or slower, and when to add chemicals to the wellbore, producing a more successful and efficient drill out experience by providing a complete, one-stop-shop package with less vendors at the well site. By accurately controlling the injection rate of chemicals pumped downhole and using data acquisition to blend the chemicals more precisely to reduce waste, the end result is a faster drill out, which drives down costs and cycle times for customers. Learn more about our chemical mixing service:

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Vice President of Sales
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