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Employee Spotlight Q&A: Mark Torres

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Each month, Axis shines a spotlight on an employee who represents our motto of “One Team, One Goal.” This month, we’re highlighting Mark Torres, a Senior Sales Representative who has been with the company for two years, working out of the Permian Basin. As a sales rep who started his career in the field, Mark knows different aspects of the oilfield industry.

“Mark Torres embodies the type of sales leader needed for a company like Axis that offers comprehensive service offerings,” says Erik Coleman, Vice President of Sales at Axis. “With his heavy experience in all service lines, his customer relationships and his understanding of how the industry works, he was an easy choice to highlight for this month’s employee spotlight.”

Continue reading to learn more about Mark and his career with Axis.

Tell us a little about your professional background and how you got started in the oilfield.

I first broke out in the oilfield when I was 18 and started as a yard hand for a drilling company out of Houston, maintaining all the equipment that came in off the railroad. From there, I got onto a rig with another company as a floor hand and then moved up to motors. I’ve worked in different roles over the years. My whole career has always been oilfield related.

How did you get into sales?

I got into sales about five years ago when I was a yard manager at another company and helped sell rigs as well. That’s where I met Erik and he hired me on at my last organization to join their sales team.

Tell us about what you do at Axis.

I go out and find new customers as well as nurture the connections I have with our current customer base. What I like to do is go out to the field to see who’s working, what rig and other equipment is actually on location, and go from there to connect the right services and equipment to our customers’ needs.

What do you like most about what you do? 

Meeting new people and interacting with everyone. Being out in the field, out in the oil patch, and visiting with the guys in the field to see what they’ve got going on.

What are you most proud of in your job? 

Establishing new customers and being able to maintain my ongoing customer relationships by showing great customer service.

What do you like most about working for Axis? 

The leadership that we have. At previous jobs, it was just a job; but at Axis, it is more of a family-type atmosphere. I see myself here long-term. Here, you will actually get told when you did a good job, and that doesn’t always happen at other jobs. We’re always recognized and shown appreciation for our accomplishments.

What feedback have you received from customers about our CORE technology?

What I’ve noticed, and the feedback that I receive, is that the engineers love it because they are able to see everything on location that’s going on with our equipment and their well—straight from any mobile device or computer. They also love the analytics side and receiving the post-job reports and full data KPIs.

What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

What gets me excited about the company’s future is all the new service lines we continue to add to our company!

In your spare time, what do you do outside of work? 

I like to go deep sea fishing, usually out of Port Aransas.

What can we expect is usually playing in your car on the way to work? 

To be honest, there are times I don’t even have the radio on. I like the quiet time to just plan out my day, see where I’m going or where I’m headed. When I do have music in my car, it’s something my partner might be listening to, like rock music.

What’s most important to you in your life? 

My family.

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