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How to Use Digital Data: Access Your Wellsite from Anywhere

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This screenshot shows the mobile view of the CORE digital platform dashboard. You can view this from web-enabled device to check the status of an operation or enter job data.

Unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions and still need to check the status of your operation? With Axis CORE® technology, you can monitor your wellsite in real time from any location and on any web-enabled device via the digital platform’s online dashboard. Customized, real-time drill out KPI reports are available at your fingertips as the job progresses, which provides customers with a dynamic view of all field operations and a rich set of data to make critical decisions that help reduce cost and eliminate downtime.

Some of the critical data collected includes block height, BOP ram status, depth in the well, weight on bit, pump pressure, return pressure, torque, RPM, plug times, third-party downtime and all company downtime. Customers are provided detailed post-job analysis reporting that helps define areas of strength and opportunity for improvement.

Axis uses CORE data to help save customers time and money at the well while ensuring operations are accomplished safely and efficiently. Contact Erik Coleman at or your local Axis sales representative to request a virtual demonstration and let us show you the Axis difference!


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