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How to Use Digital Data: Tracking Job Times and Connection Times

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How to Use Digital Data: Customers utilize Axis CORE® to track job time categories and connection time speeds, allowing them to optimize their drill out and production operations. Establishing a baseline performance and tracking improvements for each job leads to less time per well and ultimately lower completions cost per well. The Axis CORE Data and Analysis package can be used to compare operational performance from specific wells or pads and highlight key areas of focus for future changes.

CORE is also used internally to compare crews as we use data to drive efficiencies in categories like rig up/rig down times, connection times, well-to-well transition times and time in between plugs. All of our customers utilizing CORE receive post-job KPI reports and end-of-pad reviews that help define areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Axis gathers data across every major play to deliver insight that customers can use to establish efficiency targets and identify outliers. Tracking job time breakdowns and crew connection times are more ways CORE is helping show the Axis difference.

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