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Major Customer Gives Excellent Feedback After Stick Pipe Drill-Out Performed Using CORE Technology

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Axis recently received an excellent testimonial from a major customer in the Permian Basin after performing a stick pipe drill out on a 6-well pad using our digital technology. With the use of Axis CORE®, crews were able to complete the job safely, efficiently, and ahead of schedule.

Using the digital toolbox provided through CORE’s online dashboard, our customer set their desired threshold to five days per well. We then collected live data as the job progressed and our team used it to make informed decisions in real time to complete each well in 2.5 to 3.5 days and under budget.

We are always grateful to receive compliments on our performance and below is the feedback we received from our Permian Basin customer:

“I want to applaud the Axis team on a recent job they did for us. We set a budget and limits for how many days we required for each well, and the crew got the work done in close to half the time. They were in sync throughout the entire drill out, communicating the entire time. I was impressed with their performance—we’re definitely going to request this same crew again. This crew breaks records!”

Before Axis rigs up on any well to perform a stick pipe drill out, our team runs a model off of the customer’s well diagram in order to be fully prepared for the drill out. Pre-planning our customers’ wells and providing access to CORE’s digital platform to monitor and drive efficiency throughout the job are just two ways we drive down costs and cycle times for our customers. Crown lighting was also installed on our rigs, which reduces more than half the light plants needed on location, saving more money for our customer.

Field Supervisor Gregery Murguia oversaw the job. “Our secret to success is our highly experienced 24-hour drill out crews and high-spec equipment specially-designed for drill outs,” Murguia said. “One of our biggest keys to performing drill outs under time and budget for our customers is gathering data with our CORE system. It’s the reason Axis is a Tier 1 company when it comes to drill outs and completion work.”

Thank you to all our management and crews for your continued dedication and hard work!

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