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Axis Continues to Grow and Expand in the Ark-La-Tex

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Axis has moved its BOP operations into a new service center located at 2800 South Access Road, Longview, TX 75602, adjacent to the expanded Axis heavy equipment maintenance yard.

The new BOP facility is set up for a more efficient operational workflow to limit unnecessary travel between workstations. We have designed the south end of the shop to house the wash bay, test booths, and paint booth. Equipment is brought in and disassembled, washed, and inspected after each job.

Axis Pressure Control Rentals has crews with years of experience dealing with everything from everyday well control to high-profile jobs. We can assemble a package of all necessary pressure control equipment to accompany any of our other comprehensive service lines—all on one invoice as part of our standard drill out services—and accommodate our customers’ needs at the well.

To learn more about Axis Pressure Control Rentals—and find out how our BOP services and products are different from those of other rental companies—contact your local Axis salesperson, or contact Garry Pruitt at 903-521-3580 or

High-pressure equipment entering the shop after a job to be washed and disassembled.
High-pressure testing booth.
Maintenance area.
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