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Customer Cookout in West Texas

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Keeping our boots on the ground and food on the table! Our sales team was out on a customer worksite last week with our cook trailer to show their appreciation to the guys on location with a home-cooked meal. Shout out to our crews and customer for keeping us consistently drilling out plugs in West Texas. Our full Axis package was out, which saves cost and cycle times on every well.

Axis CORE’s comprehensive digital platform monitors in real time all of the critical measurements operators need to ensure workovers, clean outs, fishing jobs, and stick pipe drill outs are accomplished safely and efficiently. Let us show you the real-time data we can provide through our CORE system on Axis rigs and ancillary equipment—the Axis difference.

Give us a shout for a full package bid and more detailed information on our Axis CORE KPIs and post-job reports.

For more information on Axis CORE Technology, please contact Erik Coleman, Vice President of Sales, at or 432.999.8617.



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