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Stick Pipe “Did You Know” Series: Reliably Consistent Performance

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Did you know that stick pipe drill outs provide reliably consistent performance all the way to the toe of the well? Running coiled tubing in longer laterals raises the risk of helical buckling and becoming stuck in the hole, which increases the fatigue stresses on the coil and slows the drill bit’s rate of penetration (ROP), extending the time to drill out each plug. Stick pipe completions avoid complications that coiled tubing presents, as the full torque of the power swivel is transmitted to the drill bit which ensures the drill pipe can rotate and work through downhole obstacles. Stick pipe also affords the operator greater control over weight on bit, helping to ensure the consistent weight and ROP required for a smooth and efficient drill out.

Axis is routinely drilling out wells from 18,000 to 26,000 feet. Download our updated white paper to learn how we optimize long lateral completions with advanced stick pipe drill outs.

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