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Customer in North Dakota with Multiple Production Rigs Uses CORE Fleet Management Tool

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Two Axis production rigs are out working for an established customer in North Dakota, and a third rig will be added to their fleet package soon. All rigs are enabled with Axis CORE® data acquisition, which includes our fleet management system that allows customers to schedule rigs, monitor real-time progress of their entire fleet, and compare multiple rigs—all from one platform.

Using CORE’s fleet management tool, this customer is able to monitor each rig’s performance—tripping, connections, rigging up/down, NPT—and compare overall well operations and crews’ performance in real time. Having more data and communication drives efficiencies and creates solutions when you have a fleet of rigs working under the same umbrella.

Customized KPI reports generated after each well, combined with utilizing our fleet management tool, helps customers define areas of strength and opportunity for improvement in their operations.

Contact Erik Coleman or your local Axis sales representative to learn more about CORE’s fleet management feature or to request a virtual demonstration. Let us show you the Axis difference!

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales

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