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How to Use Digital Data: Real-Time Technology Gives Customers Their Own “Digital Toolbox”

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The toolbox is designed to allow the client to adjust their desired thresholds for each tailored KPI. The client can adjust as the job progresses or conditions change throughout the drill out.

The Axis CORE® digital platform provides critical data that allows us and our customers the ability to make changes and operational improvements in real time and on a continuous basis. When new and long-time customers ask about how CORE can expand the data points to capture the KPIs important to their operations, we introduce them to the “Digital Toolbox.”

Our customers are using the digital data we capture by creating their own digital toolbox within CORE’s online dashboard. With this toolbox capability, the customer can:

  • Create their own customized KPI reports and score cards to track the areas that are particularly relevant to that customer.
  • Set threshold levels for reporting items such as time to next plug, plug milling time, pump times, pump pressure, etc.  If a customer-specified threshold is exceeded, alert notifications are automatically sent to the people that the customer designates.
  • Directly access the CORE data files to edit reports if, for example, they want to enter their own information on plug types or plug depths.
  • Set alerts in key areas such as weight on bit or rate of penetration.

By allowing our customers to define and control key parts of the data management system, we create an efficient process so that the customer receives automatic notifications on those data areas they have specific interest in. This minimizes the amount of time they must spend in data surveillance and is just another example of the flexibility and customer applications that our digital technology provides.

CORE’s digital system works in real time, is mobile, and provides all of the critical data from the rig and support equipment to allow our crews and customers complete transparency during operations.

Please contact Erik Coleman to learn more about this digital toolbox and let us show you the Axis difference!

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales
(432) 999-8617

The toolbox allows for multiple plug types to be entered; the client can import the plug sheet to allow for notifications to be set per plug with their desired thresholds.
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