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Specially Designed Ball Gun Trailer Used During Acid Stimulation in East Texas

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Axis Pumping Services recently performed a large, high-rate acid stimulation job on a new well for a customer in East Texas. All Axis acid pumps include on-board data acquisition, on-board mixing systems, and remote operations with Rolligon remote systems. Our pumping division works with producers on job design for acid stimulation on a well-by-well basis.

We use our specially designed ball gun trailer during these jobs, which contains five guns capable of dropping 300 frac balls each—holding 1,500 total. The ball sealer system is set up on a portable trailer with a quick rig-up design that allows for less equipment on site, reducing strain on our crews, as well as reducing head count on location. We don’t have to rig up multiple times for one job, so it puts us on line faster and gets the job done quicker.

Contact or your local Axis sales representative about getting our acid pumping units out on your next location or for any other pressure pumping needs at the well.

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